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Q: What age can my child start?
A: You can start your child at the age of three years. However, some three year olds may need a little longer before starting but we will always welcome you to come and try our trial class. The teacher will tell you if your child is ready.

Q: What are the fees for Superstars Stage School?
A: When you sign up to Super stars you sign up per term. There are 3- 12 week terms per year. Click here for prices.    Free If you are a new student you can book a trial class. For returning students fees must be paid before class commence.

Q. Can I do a trial class after the open days in August?

A. Yes you can but a ten euro deposit is required- this will cover you for an unlimited number of trails for one week. Provided their is space.  

Q. Can I join my child after term has started?

A. Yes of course! We accept students throughout the year but we do not accept new students in December or June.  You will not pay the full fee, just for the remainder of classes in that term.

Q: How many classes are in the year?
A. There are 12 per term per subject. However, due to bank holidays, illness, etc..  missed classes are always made up whether it is made up in rehearsal time, an extra class at the end of term, a longer class, etc. Any classes that do not take place due to a weather warning are not made up. 

Q. My child as additional needs can they attend?

A. Yes of course, we will work with parents for children with additional needs to make sure they are comfortable and their needs are being met in our classes. 

Q. My child is starting music lessons do I need to buy the instrument?

A. We have loaner instruments for the first class, after this a child will need their own instrument. Guitar starter packs can be purchased from the Super Stars Shop, as well as piano beginner book

Q; Do you take midterm, Christmas and Easter holidays?
A: We do not take midterm holidays but we do take Christmas and Easter holidays. Parents are not charged when we are closed.

Q: If my child is sick do I still need to pay fees or will I be entitled to a refund ?
A: No. When signing up to the school, you are committing to the  term. If you were paying by the term you will not get a refund of classes that your child has missed. We do not run pay as you go classes.

Q: Will my child take part in a show throughout the year?
A: Yes. We have a Christmas showcase each year and also a summer show. Students regularly perform in Cork Arts Theatre, The Opera House, The Everyman and the Firkin Crane. As well as youth theatre and company students performing at Easter also.

Q: Are there uniforms for the class?
A: Yes after 9 weeks of classes we expect students to be wearing uniforms to class. 
Musical Theatre and Drama Students must wear all black to class with the superstars hoodie as well as black theatre jazz shoes.

Acro students wear their Super Stars leotard and acro hoodie/T shirt 

Dance students wear black leotard and black theatre jazz shoes with their Super Stars Hoodie/T shirts

These can all be purchased from the Super Stars Shop. 

Q: Any extra costs throughout the year?
A: Yes, however we do try to keep it to the minimum. As show time approaches parents will be asked to rent and/or buy costumes for your child if they are taking part in the show. If parents want to see their child perform they must purchase the tickets through the box office where the show is taking place. We do not set the price of the tickets for the shows.
If you decide you want your child to take part in exams, the examining body they are setting exams with will charge an exam fee. 

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