Q: What age can my child start?
A: You can start your child at the age of 3yrs. However, some three year olds may need a little longer before starting but you are always welcome to come and try our trial class. The teacher will tell you if your child is ready.

Q: What are the fees for Superstars Stage School?
A: We have two options of payment available. Parents can opt to pay per Term (Term 1Sept-Jan, Term 2Feb-June) or quarterly . Click here for prices.  Both terms are 18 weeks each trial class included if a child enrols. 


Q: How many class are in the year?
A. However, due to bank holidays, illness, etc..  missed classes are always made up whether it is made up in rehearsal time, an extra class at the end of term, a longer class, etc. Parents are never charged for time they do not receive.

Q; Do you take midterm, Christmas and Easter holidays?
A: We do not take midterm holidays but we do take Christmas and Easter holidays.

Q: If my child is sick do I still need to pay fees or will I be entitled to a refund ?
A: No. When signing up to the school, you are committing to the Term. If you were paying by the term you will not get a refund of classes that your child has missed. We do not run pay as you go classes.

Q: Will my child take part in a show throughout the year?
A: Yes. We have a Christmas showcase each year and also a summer show in June each year.

Q: Are there uniforms for the class?
A: In every dance class children will be asked to buy the class leotard and dance shoes. We are aware that dance uniforms and dance shoe scan be expensive however your child will wear it to every class and the shoes will be worn during every performance. We do not set the price on these items, it is the shop where they can be purchased.
Musical Theatre and Drama Students must wear all black to class or the school tracksuit.

Q: Where can I buy the school tracksuit?
A: We do two orders a year for the school tracksuit so you can order through us.

Q: Is the Tracksuit compulsory?
A: No they are not.

Q: Any extra costs throughout the year?
A: Yes, however we do try to keep it to the minimum. At ShowTime parents will be asked to rent and/or buy costumes for your child if they are taking part in the show. If parents want to see their child perform they must purchase the tickets through the box office where the show is taking place. Again we do not set the price of the tickets for the shows.
If you decide you want your child to take part in LAMDA, FEIS, etc there is an extra fee.




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