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To Register


  • go to

  • choose parent login

  • type "sup" and choose Super Stars Cork

  • choose Register New Student

  • enter the Parent / Guardians details here - as in your details and not your childs

  • this generates an email to set a password

  • follow the instructions in the email and it will bring you to the portal

Moving Forward Once A Password Is Created


  • go to

  • choose parent login

  • type "sup" and choose Super Stars Cork

  • your username is your email address

  • you will have set your password - or choose forgot password if you need to set a new one


What To Do Next


You will need to register your child or children in the system and to do this please -

  1. choose the Green Box - Student Profile and enter your child's name and date of birth

  2. you can enter multiple children here

Once your child's profile is created you can enter appropriate medical details or general notes by clicking the orange Edit button beneath their name. This can be amended and edited at a future stage, if you want.


Registering For Classes

  1. Choose the Red Classes and Workshops button 

  2. For the first time this will display two options - These are the classes / workshops this student is enrolled in and also These are the available classes and workshops for this student

  3. Please choose the Available Classes option

  4. By clicking on your choice you will be added to the classes (Your child can only attend the classes that you have picked)

  5. You must then pay your fees in full for the classes you have picked by the end of next week Saturday 20th of November. Children can not attend if fees are not paid in advance.  

We are excited to introduce this new facility and hope that you find it both useful and helpful. Please email and let us know if you are having any difficulties in accessing the portal.

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