Payments and Fees

We offer trial classes, if a child decides they do not like their class after this, their will be no charge, if a child decides to stay, no refunds will be given after the trial class and it is included in term. 


It is important to know how many classes are in a term, as some schools do shorter terms than others, Super Star's has two terms both are 18 weeks each.

Our sibling discount for stage school classes is 15 euro per 9 weeks. 

Our sibling discount for gymnastics classes is 10 % per 9 weeks. 

Term dates are available to download from our parents page.

Here are some FAQ

Parents/Guardians can choose to pay  per term ( 18 weeks)two payments in a term ( 9 weeks).   Please note a child is still signed up for a full term whether a parent decides to pay twice or once. There are no refunds once a child begins a term. If a child joins when a term has already started, we will deduct the classes not attended.

Payments must be paid by the second class in a term (after trial class) or prior to a term starting. 

Term Fees                                      Fee                        Class-Musical Theatre/drama/Acro/ Dance/Ballet


September to January                   €175                   Based on one class per week

                                                           €320                  Based on two classes per week 



February to June                            €175                   Based on one class per week

                                                           €320                   Based on two classes per week 

Company class is one hour and 30 minutes term fees are 200 euro for this class

Quarter Fees Term 1

Week commencing Sept 7th     90.00             Based on one class per week

                                                          165.00            Based on two classes per week

Please note that acro/gym in Fermoy and Kinsale  is 100 for 9 weeks 60 min classes and 135 9 weeks 90 min classes 

Family stars Program

Child 1 - full fees, other children - ( 30 euro). Discount applies to siblings only. 

Term Child 1----   175 euro

Term Child 2---     145 euro

Term Child 3-----   145 euro

Exam/Feis class ( 16 weeks)

160 euro 

Shooting star's Program

This program is a part scholarship program for students who wish to take multiple classes to work on their performing arts skills and possibly gain a career in the performance industry. This program is open to any child in the stage school who is taking 3 or more classes. A monthly payment is available for 3 classes or more. Book 4 classes and receive the 5th class FREE for students in shooting star's program this does not include private vocal lessons. This program is based on per child and can not be combined with any other discounts or programs.

Shooting Star Term Payments                  Shooting Star Term Quarter Payments              Shooting Star Monthly Payments (5 payments each term)

One Class    - 175     eur                                   90 euro                                                                n/a             

Two Classes- 320     eur                                  175 euro                                                              n/a

Three Classes-455   eur                                   250 euro                                                              92euro per month

Four classes - 525    eur                                  275 euro                                                              105 euro per month

Fifth Class -FREE



Term Fee /quarter      (18 classes each term)                  Vocal /Piano Lessons


€450      /225                                                                         30min private lesson


€540 /     270                                                                           45min private lesson 














Please note that acro/gym in Fermoy and Kinsale  is 100 for 9 weeks 60 min classes and 135 9 weeks 90 min classes 

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